Refiguring Democracy

Refiguring Democracy

The Spanish Political Laboratory

Tormey, Simon

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Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 The transformation of political logics. Beyond the horizontal' and the vertical'? Vertical' versus horizontal' Towards a differentiation of the 15M political repertoire The 15M political repertoire and the vertical-horizontal theoretical axis Activists' responses to the vertical-horizontal axis Towards a characterisation of 15M Conclusions Chapter 2 The emergence of new political parties From street protests to taking over the institutions The new parties and digital media The impact of the new parties on party-based democracy Conclusions Chapter 3 The appearance of monitoring as an emerging political dynamic Monitory democracy: political transformation in communication-saturated societies Three main fields of monitoring: governmental, civic and shared Typology of civic monitoring Conclusions Chapter 4 Two-way street mediatisation of politics or overturn? The social media communication models of 15M and Podemos Social media and mainstream media in today's political communication The 15M communication model: the relationship between online political activism and the mainstream media Podemos' communication model: take on the media without abandoning the networks * Conclusions: democratic innovations and contributions from the field of political communication Conclusion: the Spanish political laboratory in action References