Redrawing The Map of the Future

Redrawing The Map of the Future

Digitisation, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, E-mobility, and the Circular Economy

Larsson, Mats

Arena Books






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1. The Mission; 2. Visions of the Future: A Future full of Promise; 3. The Wealth of Nations; 4. The Basic Scenario: Embracing Innovation; 5. The Importance of Free Markets and Economic Policy; 6. From Nostradamus to Economic Forecasts and Strategy Analysis; 7. The Origins of Economic Growth: The Role of Economic Growth; 8. The Transformation Need; 9. Challenges that will transform our Future; 10. Why? 11. What about Alternatives? The Logic of Transformation; 12. What About Business Geniuses and Break-Through Innovation?; 13. Is There Intelligent life on the Planet? Or Where Angels fear to Tread.
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