Rebirth and the Stream of Life

Rebirth and the Stream of Life

A Philosophical Study of Reincarnation, Karma and Ethics

Burley, Mikel (University of Leeds, UK)

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc






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"A philosophical exploration of the meaning, diversity, and ethical and religious significance of beliefs in reincarnation or rebirth"--
Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Thinking about Rebirth Stream of life' Terminological matters An expanded conception of philosophy of religion Chapter summaries 1) Varieties of Rebirth Soteriological orientations Retributive correlations Affinitive and consanguineous continuities Concluding remarks 2) Remembering Having Lived Before? Infamous puzzle cases' Rebirth and remembering Remembering and merely seeming to remember Lived examples Concluding remarks 3) Finding Meaning in Multiple Lives Allegedly fatal objections to rebirth The ethical significance of same person' Simultaneous multiplicity Rebirth and the spirit world Concluding remarks 4) Integrating Rebirth and Ethics Transmigration and moral outlooks in ancient Greece Eschatologies and ethicization' Instances of non-karmic ethical integration Concluding remarks 5) Demythologizing Rebirth? Demythologizing' in theology and the study of religions Karma and rebirth without personal continuation Critical discussion Concluding remarks 6) Karma and Evil Karma as a principle of moral guidance Is the doctrine of karma incoherent? The problem of blaming the victim' A deep disagreement Alternative aspects of karma Concluding remarks 7) Conclusions Disrupting assumptions Diversity and dispute Methodological reflections Bibliography Index
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