Property, Place and Piracy

Property, Place and Piracy


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Introduction: Property, Place & Piracy, Martin Fredriksson Almqvist and James Arvanitakis Chapter 1: Commons, Piracy and the Crisis of Property, James Arvanitakis, Spike Boydell and Martin Fredriksson Almqvist Chapter 2: The Concept of the Commons in the age of extractionism: From sea to land to code, Martin Fredriksson Almqvist Chapter 3: Property, sovereignty, piracy and the commons: early modern enclosure and the foundation of the state, Sean Johnson Andrews Chapter 4: Unreal Property: Anarchism, Anthropology and Alchemy, Jonathan Marshall & Francesca da Rimini Chapter 5: Piracy and Mobility in Anglophone Atlantic Literature and Culture, Alexandra Ganser Chapter 6: An Attack to the Growth of the Imperial Body: John Locke, Colonial Piracy, and Property, Sonja Schillings Chapter 7: Piracy and the maritime commons, Amedeo Policante Chapter 8: Compensation in the Absence of Punishment: Rethinking Somali Piracy as a Form of Maritime Xeer, Brittany Gilmer Chapter 9: Creation and protection of private property rights by the state: an Australian case study, Ingrid Matthews Chapter 10: The Knitting Pirate: Craft as Resistance and Property Intervention, Johanna Dahlin Chapter 11: Piracy on the celestial frontier? The 'NewSpace' quest for the privatisation of the outer space commons, Matthew Johnson Chapter 12: Outer Space Property and Piracy, Kim Ellis Chapter 13: 'The Ancestry Land': Land Reclamation and China's Pursuit of Dominance in the South China Sea, Jingdong Yuan Chapter 14: Nuclear Testing and the 'Terra Nullius Doctrine': From Life Sciences to Life Writing, Mita Banerjee Chapter 15: Biopiracy or bioprospecting: Negotiating the limits of propertization, Martin Fredriksson Almqvist Chapter 16: Pirate Places in Bangkok: the regulation of the urban vendor and market/mall-spaces, Daniel F. Robinson and Duncan McDuie-Ra Chapter 17: Gated Housing Enclaves in Ghana: Property, People, and Place, Franklin Obeng-Odoom Chapter 18: The Real Gruen Transfer - Enclosing the Right to the City, James Arvanitakis and Spike Boydell Chapter 19: Epilogue, Martin Fredriksson Almqvist and James Arvanitakis
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