Promoting Active Citizenship

Promoting Active Citizenship

Markets and Choice in Scandinavian Welfare

Saglie, Jo; Sivesind, Karl Henrik

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book analyses the considerable variation in the shares of private provision for core services in education, health and social services, in the Scandinavian countries. The chapters compare countries, service areas, and the for-profit, non-profit and public sectors.
1. Does out-contracting of welfare services promote active citizenship?; Karl Henrik Sivesind and Hakon Solbu Traetteberg.- 2.The Changing Roles of For-Profit and Nonprofit Welfare Provision in Norway, Sweden and Denmark; Karl Henrik Sivesind.- 3. Education and elderly care in Denmark, Norway and Sweden: National policies and legal frameworks for private providers; Signe Bock Segaard and Jo Saglie.- 4. Towards a more diversified supply of welfare services? Marketisation and the local governing of nursing homes in Scandinavian countries; David Feltenius.- 5. Local governing of schools in Scandinavia - between state, market and civil society; Malene Thogersen.- 6. Active citizenship in Scandinavian schools and nursing homes; Hakon Solbu Traetteberg.- 7. Does the type of service provider affect user satisfaction? Public, for-profit and nonprofit kindergartens, schools and nursing homes in Norway; Tord Skogedal Linden, Audun Fladmoe and Dag Arne Christensen.- 8. The Future of the Scandinavian Welfare Model: User Choice, Parallel Governance Systems, and Active Citizenship; Karl Henrik Sivesind, Hakon Solbu Traetteberg and Jo Saglie.
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