Problem-based Learning into the Future

Problem-based Learning into the Future

Imagining an Agile PBL Ecology for Learning

Huijser, Henk; Kek, Megan Yih Chyn A.

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Chapter 1 Introduction.- Part 1: Imagining PBL in a changing world for learning.- Chapter 2 Imagining an agile PBL: Towards an ecology for connected learning.- Chapter 3 Agile PBL and the next generation of learners.- Part 2 Imagining an agile PBL curriculum for learning.- Chapter 4 Imagining an agile PBL curriculum: Focusing on learning outcomes and authentic interdisciplinary problems.- Chapter 5 Assessing agile PBL.- Part 3 Imagining an agile university for learning.- Chapter 6 Agile student development and engagement for learning.- Chapter 7 Agile staff professional learning for learning.- Chapter 8 Agile curriculum sustainability: Continuous improvement.- Chapter 9 Agile PBL research: Developing a sustainable research and scholarship agenda.- Chapter 10 Conclusion.