Principles of Property Law

Principles of Property Law

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Table of Cases; 1. What Property Is and Why It Matters; 2. Conceptions and Justifications; 3. Allocation of Property Rights; 4. Property and Human Rights; 5. Ownership and Other Property Interests; 6. New Property Interests and the Numerus Clausus; 7. Objects of Property Interests; 8. Property Interest Holders; 9. Multiple Property Rights Systems: Recognition of Indigenous Land Rights; 10. Limitations on Property; 11. Possession and Title; 12. Adverse Possession of Land; 13. Non-possessory Land Use Rights; 14. Acquiring Interests Informally; 15. Enforceability and Priority of Property Interests: General Principles; 16. Registration; 17. Leases; Index.
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