Preserving Electronic Evidence for Trial

Preserving Electronic Evidence for Trial

A Team Approach to the Litigation Hold, Data Collection, and Evidence Preservation

Zeigler, Ann D. (JD; admitted, Texas Supreme Court, US District Courts (Texas), Fifth US Court of Appeals); Rojas, Ernesto F. (CISSP, DFCP, CCFP)

Syngress Media,U.S.






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Introduction Chapter 1: Your Critical Task: Learn Another Language Chapter 2: Preserving, Not Corrupting-HOLD IT! Chapter 3: Incident Response, While Avoiding Evidence Disaster: The Team Chapter 4: Understanding Information Systems Chapter 5: In Addition to the System-Other Devices Chapter 6: Collecting Data Chapter 7: Teamwork Prep for Data Management Chapter 8: Data Policies and Procedures-Get the Details Chapter 9: The Cloud and Other Complexities Chapter 10: Putting It All Together: When the First Alarm Sounds, Hold It! Chapter 11: The Rule 26 Meet-and-Confer-Your Best Chance to Control the ESI Exchange Chapter 12: A Glance at International Issues-Never Assume! Conclusion Resource Appendix
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