Practitioner Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Practitioner Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

The Power of Examples

Fewell, Judith; Bondi, Professor Liz

Macmillan Education UK






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This evocative and thought-provoking book calls for an overhaul of how counselling and psychotherapy research is framed and conducted. Packed full of first-hand examples from a wealth of different perspectives, it puts forward an approach to research centred on practical wisdom developed through intense exploration of the lived experience.
PART I: RECLAIMING THE WISDOM OF PRACTICE IN COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY RESEARCH.- 1. Why Does Research So Often Alienate Practitioners and What Can Be Done About It?; Liz Bondi and Judith Fewell.- 2. The Power of Examples; Liz Bondi and Judith Fewell.- 3. Rethinking Supervision and Ethics in Experience-Near Research; Siobhan Canavan and Seamus Prior.- PART II: COMING INTO THERAPEUTIC PRACTICE.- 4. A Trainee Counsellor's Account of Learning to Trust in the Process; Linda Gardner.- 5. Losing Touch: An Exploration of the Place of Touch in Therapeutic Relationships; Anna St Clair.- 6. Why I Became a Counsellor: Reflections on the Counter-transference; Mags Turner.- PART III: CLIENT VOICES.- 7. Working with Early Trauma in Therapy: Emerging from the Shadow of Polio; Connie Johnson.- 8. Regarding 'The Tea-house of the August Moon': Therapeutic Work with a Man with Schizophrenia within a Hospital Context; April Parkins.- 9. A Secret Sorrow: Making a Difference to Bereavement in Prison; Janette Masterton.- 10. 'Reading the Wound': Using Stories to Open up the Nature of Trauma; Linda Talbert.- PART IV: EMBODYING THEORY.- 11. An Investigation of Narratives of Anxiety; Chris Scott.- 12. Hauntings: On Discovering the Lived Experience of Counter-transference; Patrick Fegan.- 13. Working with Mark: Gender in the Consulting Room; Lynne Rollo.- 14. Tolerating the 'Chaos Monsters': Making Sense with Bion; Diana Sim.
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