Postcolonial Past & Present

Postcolonial Past & Present

Negotiating Literary and Cultural Geographies

Collett, Anne; Dale, Leigh







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In Postcolonial Past & Present twelve outstanding scholars look to those spaces Epeli Hau'ofa has insisted are full not empty to analyse the ways artists and intellectuals in the postcolonial world make sense of turbulent local and global forces.
Foreword Albert Wendt Illustrations and Appendices Notes on Contributors and Editors Part 1: Collision, Connection, and Change 1 Textiles from the Sea of Islands Sacred Heart Nuns and Craft Advisers in Papua New Guinea and Australia Diana Wood Conroy 2 Reading Across the Pacific, Reorienting "North" Diana Brydon 3 Nationalism from Below Folk Nationalist Formations of Mukunda Das Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay 4 Xavier Herbert's Enlightenment The Solomon Islands Nightmare, 1928 Russell McDougall 5 Regime Change Literature and Transitional Justice Tony Simoes da Silva Part 2: Case Studies 6 Laughter and the Indigenous Trickster Aesthetics of Marie Munkara's Every Secret Thing Anne Brewster 7 Claude McKay and the Pestilential City The Metropolis, the Clinic, the Crisis Anne Collett 8 Bodily Cloth The Making Process in Artworks by Elsje van Keppel and Jane Whiteley Kay Lawrence 9 Overseas and Underground Travel and Travellers in Janet Frame's Fiction Dorothy Jones 10 "Indias of the mind" Maps, Mothers, and Ethnicized Wonder Woman Outfits in Australian-Indian Fiction Meeta Chatterjee-Padmanabhan 11 Singing the Spiral of Time Albert Wendt's The Adventures of Vela Bill Ashcroft 12 Comparative History in Polynesia Some Challenges of Studying the Past in the Postcolonial Present Teresia Teaiwa and Tekura Moekaa Afterword Lydia Wevers
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