Political Islam and Global Media

Political Islam and Global Media

The boundaries of religious identity

Mellor, Noha (University of Bedfordshire); Rinnawi, Khalil (Tel Aviv University)

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Introduction - Noha Mellor Part I: The Rise of Political Islam 1 Legitimate Singularities - Ratiba Hadj-Moussa & Samar Ben Romdhane 2 Social Media as the New identity Battleground - Noureddine Miladi 3 Online Aesthetics of Martyrdome - Magdalena Karolak 4 ISIS and Saudi Arabia - Andrew Hammond 4 Friday Khutba Without Borders - Ehab Galal Part II: Religious Activism 5 The Online Response to the Quran Burning Incidents - Ahmed Rawi 6 Working Around the State - Deborah L. Wheeler 7 Religious Minorities in Cyberspace - Dalia Yousef & Rasha Abdulla 8 British Arab Youth - Khalil Al-Agha 9 The Revival of Muslim Identity versus Arab Identity - Khalil Rinnawi Part III: Mediated Islamic Practices 10 The new Saudi Nationalism of the New Saudi Media - Gilbert Ramsay & Sumayah Fatani 11 What is Happening: The Dynamics of the Saudi Twitterverse - Mohammad Ibrahrine 12 The Neo-Liberal Islamic Preachers - Nermeen Alazrak & Alamira Samah Saleh 13 Fatwas Online - Roxanne D. Marcotte 14 How Islamic is Islam Online Counselling? - Mona Abdel Fadil 15 Islam in the News - Mohammed-Ali Abunajela & Noha Mellor
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