Pictorial Embroidery in England

Pictorial Embroidery in England

A Critical History of Needlepainting and Berlin Work

Desnoyers, Rosika (Independent scholar and artist, UK)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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List of Illustrations Introduction The Invention of Needlepoint Berlin Work and the Question of Domestic Craft Outline of the Book 1. Needlepainting in Great Britain Women Artists and Art Institutions in Eighteenth-Century England Mary Linwood and the Needlepainters Professionals and Amateurs 2. Imitation and Innovation in the Late Eighteenth Century Between Art and Industry Science and the Tasteful Person Copying and Luxury Goods 3. Towards an Industrial Aesthetic Proximity of Artistic and Scientific Invention Guidebooks and the Making of the Modern Amateur The Jacquard Loom and Its Curious Commemoration 4. The Writing of Pictorial Berlin Work Contemporary Embroidery Histories Nineteenth-Century Accounts: Berlin Work as Official Knowledge Twentieth-Century Accounts: Berlin Work as Submerged Knowledge Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index
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