Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research

Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research

Fayolle, Alain; Nicolopoulou, Katerina; Karatas-Ozkan, Mine

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Introduction: Reflecting on our philosophical journey Stratos Ramoglou, Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Alain Fayolle and Katerina Nicolopoulou Applying Philosophy to Entrepreneurship and the Social Sciences Russ McBride New partial theory in entrepreneurship: explanation, examination, exploitation and exemplification Richard J. Arend Social constructionism and entrepreneurial opportunity Luke Pittaway, Rachida Aissaoui and Joe Fox Serious realist philosophy and applied entrepreneurship Lee Martin and Nick Wilson Critical realism as a supporting philosophy for entrepreneurship and small business studies John Kitching The other reading: Reflections of postcolonial deconstruction for critical entrepreneurship studies Anna-Liisa Kaasila-Pakanen and Vesa Puhakka Cruel optimism: the stories of entrepreneurial attachments Natasha Slutskaya, Oliver Mallett and Janet Borgerson Critiquing and renewing the entrepreneurial imagination Neil A. Thompson Examining the contributions of Social Science to Entrepreneurship: the cases of Cosmopolitanism and Orientalism Katerina Nicolopoulou and Christine Samy A Unified Account of the Firm: Deontic Architecture Brian R. Gordon and Russ McBride Uncertainty under Entrepreneurship Dimo Dimov
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