Imagining Alternatives in an Age of Crisis

Wallace, Molly; Carruthers, David

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Poem "Seeds of Aleppo" Tiffany Higgins Introduction Perma/Culture Molly Wallace and David Carruthers PART I: Pattern Languages Ch 1. A Pain in the Neck and Permacultural Subjectivity Andrea Most Ch 2. Bringing Forth an Ecotopian Future: The Production of Imagined Futures through Contemporary Cultural Practices Stephen Zavestoski and Andrew Weigert Ch 3. Reclaiming Accountability from Hypertechnocivility, to Grow Again the Flowering Earth Patrick Jones Ch 4. Murray River Country: Challenging Water Management Practices to (Re)invent Place Camille Rouliere Ch 5. Wild Urban Green Spaces as Seen through Montreal's "Wild City Mapping" Project Dominique Ferraton PART II: Transitions in Practice Ch 6. The Art of Permatravel Nina Gartrell Ch 7. Momentum in the Age of Sustainability: Building Up and Burning Out in a Transition Town Emily Polk Ch 8. "Fracking Is Stoppable, Another World is Possible" Claire Males Ch 9. The Problem with Money: Possibilities for Alternative, Sustainable, Non-monetary Economies George Price PART III: REVOLUTION DISGUISED AS GARDENING Ch 10: A War Against Weeds: Combating Climate Change with Polycultural Pacifism David Carruthers Ch 11. Regeneration: Loss and Reclamation in African American Agrarianism Leah Penniman Ch 12. Defining the Process of Re-indigenization through Soil Communities Ruth Lapp and Robert Lovelace Ch 13. Sharing Food, Sharing Knowledge: Food and Agriculture in Contemporary Art Practices Amanda White Ch 14. The End(s) of Freeganism and the Cultural Production of Food Waste Leda Cooks Poem The gleaner difference Natalie Joelle Afterword Gleanings Molly Wallace
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