Performance, Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times

Performance, Feminism and Affect in Neoliberal Times

Diamond, Elin; Varney, Denise

Palgrave Macmillan






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This book is a provocative new study of global feminist activism that opposes neoliberal regimes across several sites including Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States.
Introduction.- Part I. Affect, Performance and the Neoliberal State.- Chapter 1. The Affective Performance of State Love; Sue-Ellen Case.- Chapter 2. Not Now, Not Ever'; Denise Varney.- Chapter 3. Performing Sovereignty against Jurisprudential Death in an Australian State of Exception; Sandra D'urso.- Chapter 4. Imagining Love in a Neoliberal Japan; Nobuko Anan.- Chapter 5. Nisti Sterk's Affective Spaces in For Sweden - With the Times (Foer Sverige i tiden!); Christina Svens.- Part II. Violence and Performance Activism.- Chapter 6. Raging On; Diana Taylor.- Chapter 7. The Limits of Witness; Candice Amich.- Chapter 8. Protesting violence; Bishnupriya Dutt.- Chapter 9. My Cunt, My Rules!; Tiina Rosenberg.- Part III. Global Spectacles.- Chapter 10. Mapping Abramovic, From Affect to Emotion; Marla Carlson.- Chapter 11. Virtuosity: Dance, Entrepreneurialism, and Nostalgia in Stage Irish Performance; Aoife Monks.- Chapter 12. Neoliberal post-feminism, neo-burlesque, and the politics of affect in the performances of Moira Finucane; Sarah French.- Chapter 13. Affecting the Apparatus; Antje Budde.- Chapter 14. Buy One, Get One Free; Urmimala Sarkar.- Part IV. Resistance and Theatre Politics.- Chapter 15. When Will They Hear Our Voices?; Charlotte Canning.- Chapter 16. Voices of the 880,000 Won Generation; Jung-Soon Shim.- Chapter 17. A woman artist in the neoliberal Chilean jungle; Maria Jose Contreras.- Chapter 18. Female Actors in Swaang; Vibha Sharma.- Part V. Affect and Site-Specific Performance.- Chapter 19. Feminism, Assemblage, and Performance; Elin Diamond.- Chapter 20. Feeling Out of Place; Shonagh Hill.- Chapter 21. Between the Flesh and the Remains; Ana Bernstein.- Chapter 22. Precarity, Performance and Activism in Recent Works by Ito Tari and Yamashiro Chikako; Rebecca Jennison.
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