Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

A guide for business and IT managers

Zaki, Moinuddin; Hayes, James; Furneaux, Nick; Marchang, Jims; Charlton, Ceri; Ellis, Rob; Ryan, Felix; Douglas, Roderick; Taylor, Peter; Charalambous, Jason

BCS Learning & Development Limited






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This essential guide for business and IT managers, developed in collaboration with CREST, explains the process of penetration testing and the benefits it brings. The book brings together a wide range of expertise, insight, and tips for setting up a penetration testing programme, maintaining it, and responding to the results of penetration tests.
What is penetration testing? Successful penetration testing: an overview Regulatory management for penetration testing Embedding penetration testing within organisational security policies and procedures Outcome-led and intelligence-led penetration testing Scoping a penetration test Penetration test coverage and simulating the threat Building organisational capability for penetration testing Commissioning penetration tests Selecting tools for penetration testing Good practice for penetration testing Role and coverage of reporting Interpretation and application of report outcomes Acting on penetration test results
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