Pedagogy for Technology Education in Secondary Schools

Pedagogy for Technology Education in Secondary Schools

Research Informed Perspectives for Classroom Teachers


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An Introduction to Effective Pedagogies of Design and Technology Education; John Williams.- Technology Education: The Promise of Cultural-historical Theory for Advancing the field; Marilyn Fleer.- The case for Technology Habits of mind; Janet Hanson and Bill Lucas.- Making the Invisible Visible: Pedagogies Related to Teaching and Learning about Technological Systems; Jonas Hallstroem and Claes Klasander.- Maker Education: Opportunities and Threats for Engineering and Technology Education; Gerald van Dijk, Elwin Savelsbergh, & Arjan van der Meij.- Signature Pedagogies for Designing: A Speculative Framework for Supporting Learning and Teaching in Design and Technology Education; Kay Stables.- Pedagogies for Enabling the use of Digital Technology; Deborah Winn.- Developing a Pedagogy of Critiquing as a key Dimension of Design and Technology Education; Steve Keirl.- Question Think Learn: a Pedagogy for Understanding the Material World; B. von Mengersen, T. Wilkinson.- Pedagogy for Technical Understanding; Torben Steeg & David Hills-Taylor.- Capability, Quality and Judgement: Learners' Experiences of Assessment; Richard Kimbell.- Technology Education Pedagogy: Enhancing STEM Learning; John G. Wells, & Didier Van de Velde, Waiting a Picture from Didier.- Teaching Problem Solving in the Digital Era; Moshe Barak.- Pedagogical Approaches to Vocational Education; John Williams.- Teaching Technology in "poorly resourced" Contexts; Mishack T Gumbo.- Pedagogy Involving Social and Cognitive Interaction Between Teachers and Pupils; Niall Seery.- Philosophy of Technology for Children and Youth; S. Petrina.- Synoptic Review; David Barlex
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