Pathways for Ecclesial Dialogue in the Twenty-First Century

Pathways for Ecclesial Dialogue in the Twenty-First Century

Revisiting Ecumenical Method

Haar, Miriam; Chapman, M.

Palgrave Macmillan






This volume identifies a myriad of obstacles standing in the way of dialogue both within churches and between churches and then move on to discuss how these obstacles might be dissolved or circumvented. The contributors explore all the ways through which ecclesial dialogue can be re-energized and adapted for a new century.
1. Dia-Logos: Reflections on different forms of inter-Christian dialogue and their possibilities; Dagmar Heller 2. Communion Ecclesiology: Ideology or Path to Dialogue?; Dennis M. Doyle 3. 'Christ as Primary Sacrament': Ways to Ecumenical convergence in Sacramental Ecclesiology; C. Pierson Shaw 4. Can Hard Questions Soften Relations? Some Observations on Dialogical Method in the International Roman Catholic-Classical Pentecostal Dialogue; Jelle Creemers History and Ecclesial Dialogue 5. The Burdens of History: Must Tribalism always Prevail?; John W. de Gruchy 6. The Franciscan Disputes, Leuenberg Concord and the Florentine Union Lessons for Divided Christianity; Vladimir Latinovic Ministry, Authority and Ecclesial Dialogue 7. Episcopacy in the Pentecostal Tradition; Elieser Valentin 8. Interpretive Leadership and Cultural Intelligence: A Pathway Towards Christian Unity; Craig S. Hendrickson Dialogue, Context and Praxis 9. The False Certainty of Closure: Ecumenical Dialogue, New Evangelization and Roman Catholic Identity in A Secular Age; Brianne Jacobs 10. Ecumenism as Unity for Struggle: Looking Again at the Ecumenical Cause in India; Viju Wilson 11. Virgo ecclesia facta: the Virgin Mary and Ecumenical Ecclesiology; Daniela Del Gaudio 12. Chevetogne: its Origins and Orientations; Thaddee Barnas The Future of Ecclesial Dialogue 13. Making a Common Vision of the Church Possible; William Henn OFM Cap 14. A New, Socio-Cultural Agenda in the Quest for the Unity of the Church: Socio-cultural identities in the Faith and Order document: Nature and Mission of the Church; Eduardus Van der Borght
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