Object and Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing

Object and Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing

Modelling and Monitoring Environmental and Anthropogenic Objects and Change Processes

Braun, Andreas; Weinmann, Martin; Hinz, Stefan

Whittles Publishing






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Part A: Methodology Introduction; Object, data and sensor modelling; Feature extraction from images and point clouds: Fundamentals, advances and trends; A short survey on supervised classification in remote; Context-based classification; Toward a framework for quality assessment in remote sensing applicationsPart B: Application From raw 3D point clouds to semantic objects; Traffic extraction and characterization from optical remote sensing data; Object extraction in image sequences; A process-based model approach to predict future land-use changes and link biodiversity with soil erosion in Chile; Interferometric SAR Image analysis for 3D building reconstruction; Detection and classification of collapsed buildings after a strong earthquake by means of laser scanning and image analysis; A settlement process analysis in coastal Benin - confronting scarce data availability in developing countriesPart C: Conclusion Benchmarking - a basic requirement for effective performance evaluation; Remote sensing and computer vision image analysis: summary and recent trends
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