Not Born Digital

Not Born Digital

Poetics, Print Literacy, New Media

Morris, Daniel (Purdue University, USA)

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc






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Introduction Not Born Digital: Poetics, Print Literacy, New Media Chapter One Medium as Messenger: Hannah Weiner Anchors the Social Poetics of 1986 in Weeks Chapter Two A Blizzard of Snowflakes: Kenneth Goldsmith as Conceptualist at the Cusp of a Digital Age in Soliloquy Chapter Three (In)decisive Moments: On Kenneth Goldsmith's Seven American Deaths and Disasters Chapter Four "The wound track shows deeper hemorrhage": Kenneth Goldsmith's "The Body of Michael Brown" as The Eighth American Disaster Chapter Five Gaps in the Machine: Andrei Codrescu's Unarchival Poetics Chapter Six "Needing to Summon the Others": Archival Research as Seance in Susan Howe's Spontaneous Particulars Chapter Seven Bad Company, Meet Sonic Youth: On Noah Eli Gordon's Inbox: Social Media, Post Language Conceptual Poetics, and the Ethics of Online Appropriation Chapter Eight A Tonalism, Synaesthesia, Translation, and Post-Ableism in The Route Chapter Nine What Makes Poetry Happen: The Erotics of Literary Activism in an Age of Internet Virus Bibliography Index
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