New Frontiers in Microsimulation Modelling

New Frontiers in Microsimulation Modelling

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Contents: Preface - Orcutt's vision 50 years on, Michael Wolfson; Introduction, Paul Williamson,Asghar Zaidi and Ann Harding; Part I Spatial Modelling: Moses: dynamic spatial microsimulation with demographic interactions, Mark Birkin, Belinda Wu and Phil Rees; Small area poverty estimates for Australia's Eastern seaboard in 2006, Robert Tanton, Justine Mcnamara, Ann Harding and Thomas Morrison; Microsimulation as a tool in spatial decision making: simulation of retail developments in a Dutch town, Eveline S. van Leeuwen, Graham P. Clarke and Piet Rietveld; Time and money in space: estimating household expenditure and time use at the small area level in Great Britain, Ben Anderson, Paola de Agostini, Selma Laidoudi, Antonia Weston and Ping Zong. Part II Work Incentives and Labour Supply: Work incentives, redistribution policies and the equity-efficiency trade off: evidence from Spain, Jose M. Labeaga, Xisco Oliver and Amedeo Spadaro; Microsimulating supply/demand interactions on a labour market: a prototype, Muriel Barlet, Didier Blanchet and Thomas Le Barbranchon; Policy swapping across countries using EUROMOD: the case of in-work benefits in Southern Europe, Francesco Figari; Behavioural microsimulation: labour supply and child care use responses in Australia and Norway, Guyonne Kalb and Thor O. Thoresen. Part III Demographic Issues, Social Security and Retirement Income: Fertility decisions - simulation in an agent-based model (IFSIM), Elisa Baroni, Matias EklAf, Daniel Hallberg, Thomas Lindh and Jovan Zamac; Projecting pensions and age at retirement in France: some lessons from the Destinie I model, Didier Blanchet and Sylvie Le Minez; Rates of return in the Canada pension plan: sub-populations of special policy interest and preliminary after-tax results, Richard J. Morrison; Simulating employment careers in the lifepaths model: validation across multiple time scales, Geoff T. Rowe and Kevin D. Moore; Simulating earnings in dynamic microsimulation models, C
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