Narrative and Belief

Narrative and Belief

The Religious Affordance of Supernatural Fiction

Davidsen, Markus Altena (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

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Introduction - Narrative and Belief: The Religious Affordance of Supernatural Fiction Markus Altena Davidsen 1. The difference between religious narratives and fictional literature: a matter of degree only Anders Klostergaard Petersen 2. The religious affordance of fiction: towards a catalogue of veracity mechanisms in supernatural narratives Markus Altena Davidsen 3. Contemporary fantasy fiction and representations of religion: playing with reality, myth and magic in His Dark Materials and Harry Potter Laura Feldt 4.Fiction into religion: imagination, other worlds, and play in the formation of community Carole M. Cusack 5. On elves and freethinkers: criticism of religion and the emergence of the literary fantastic in Nordic literature Dirk Johannsen
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