Muslim Spain and Portugal

Muslim Spain and Portugal

A Political History of al-Andalus

Kennedy, Hugh

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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List of Maps. Acknowledgements. Note on Names and Dates. Glossary. Introduction. 1.The conquest and the age of the Amirs, 711-56. 2.The Umayyad Amirate, 756-852. 3.Muhammad, al-Mundhir and 'Abd Allah: the slide into anarchy, 852-912. 4.The golden age of the Umayyad Caliphate, 912-76. 5.The 'Amirids and the collapse of the Caliphate of Cordoba. 6.The Taifa Kingdoms. 7.The Empire of the Almoravids. 8. The second Taifas. 9.The early Almohad Caliphate. 10.The later Almohad Caliphate. 11.The Nastrids of Granada. Farewell to al-Andalus. Appendix 1: Govenors of al-Andalus and Taifas Kings. Appendix 2: Family trees of the ruling dynasties of al-Andulus. Bibliography. Maps. Index
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