More Words about Pictures

More Words about Pictures

Current Research on Picturebooks and Visual/Verbal Texts for Young People

Reimer, Mavis (University of Winnipeg, Canada); Hamer, Naomi (University of Winnipeg, Canada); Nodelman, Perry (University of Winnipeg, Canada)

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CONTENTS Preface: Naomi Hamer and Mavis Reimer Figure Credits List of Contributors Introduction: Why We Need More Words Perry Nodelman Chapter 1: Chewing on Baby Books as a Form of Infant Literacy: Books are for Biting Lian Beveridge Chapter 2: Six Degrees of Closeness in the Picture Book Experience: Getting Closer William Moebius Chapter 3: Art, Adaptation, and the Antipodean in Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing Erica Hateley Chapter 4: The Design and Development of the Picture Book for Mobile and Interactive Platforms: "You get to BE Harold's Purple Crayon" Naomi Hamer Chapter 5: Towards a Connective Ethnography of Children's Literature and Digital Media: The New Media Encounter Helene Hoyrup Chapter 6: Performing Picture Books as Co-Authorship: Audiences Critically and Semiotically Interact with Professional Authors during Author Visits Kari-Lynn Winters, Candace Figg, Kimberly Lenters, and Dave Potts Chapter 7: Environmental Picture Books: Cultivating Conservationists Nathalie op de Beeck Chapter 8: Visual Staging of Virtue in Islamic Children's Literature: Discipline and Pleasure Torsten Janson Chapter 9: Between Picture Book and Graphic Novel: Mixed Signals in Kim Fupz Aakeson and Rasmus Bregnhoi's I love you Danmark Nina Christensen Chapter 10: Narrative Space in Sheree Fitch's Merry-Go-Day and Night Sky Wheel Ride: Picture-Book PoesisAndrea Schwenke Wyile Chapter 11: Be Kind or Stupid Joseph T. Thomas, Jr.
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