Mismanagement, "Jumpers," and Morality

Mismanagement, "Jumpers," and Morality

Covertly Concealed Managerial Ignorance and Immoral Careerism in Industrial Organizations

Shapira, Reuven

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Practicing Covertly Concealed Managerial Ignorance 2. The Dark Secret of Immoral Careerism of "Jumper" Rotational CCMI User Executives 3. The Concepts of Trust, Leadership, Culture, and Democratic Management 4. Effective Innovative Northern Gin versus Four Mostly Mismanaged Plants 5. Other Negative Processes of Low-Trust "Jumping" Cultures that Furthered Mismanagement 6. Contextualizing Gin Plants' Mismanagement in the Kibbutz and Israeli Fields 7. Conclusions, Discussion, and Plausible Solutions