Microsoft Office 2016: In Practice

Microsoft Office 2016: In Practice

Nordell, Randy

McGraw-Hill Education - Europe



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Intro Chapter: Windows 10, Office 2016, and File Management Word-Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Documents Word-Chapter 2: Formatting and Customizing Documents Word-Chapter 3: Collaborating with Others and Working with Reports Word-Chapter 4: Using Tables, Columns, and Graphics Excel-Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Workbooks Excel-Chapter 2: Working with Formulas and Functions Excel-Chapter 3: Creating and Editing Charts Excel-Chapter 4: Formatting, Organizing, and Getting Data Access-Chapter 1: Creating a Database and Tables Access -Chapter 2: Using Design View, Data Validation, and Relationships Access -Chapter 3: Creating and Using Queries Access -Chapter 4: Creating and Using Forms and Reports PowerPoint-Chapter 1: Creating and Editing Presentations PowerPoint-Chapter 2: Illustrating Slides with Pictures and Information Graphics PowerPoint-Chapter 3: Preparing for Delivery and Using a Slide Presentation
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