Microservice Patterns and Best Practices

Microservice Patterns and Best Practices

Explore patterns like CQRS and event sourcing to create scalable, maintainable, and testable microservices

Pacheco, Vinicius Feitosa

Packt Publishing Limited






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Microservices are a hot trend in the development world right now. Many enterprises have adopted this approach to achieve agility and the continuous delivery of applications to gain a competitive advantage. This book will take you through the different design patterns at different stages of the microservice application development process, ...
Table of Contents Understanding the Microservice Concepts The Microservice Tools Internal Patterns Microservice Ecosystem Shared Data Microservice Design Pattern Aggregator Microservice Design Pattern Proxy Microservice Design Pattern Chained Microservice Design Pattern Branch Microservice Design Pattern Asynchronous Messaging Microservice Microservices Working Together Testing Microservices Monitoring Security and Deployment
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