Methods in Stream Ecology

Methods in Stream Ecology

Volume 1: Ecosystem Structure

Hauer, F. Richard; Lamberti, Gary Anthony

Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc






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Section A. Physical Processes 1. Riverscapes 2. Valley Segments, Stream Reaches, and Channel Units 3. Discharge Measurements and Streamflow Analysis 4. Dynamics of Flowing Water 5. Fluvial Geomorphic Processes 6. Temperature 7. Light 8. Hyporheic Zones Section B. Stream Biota 9. Heterotrophic Bacteria Production and Microbial Community Assessment 10. Fungi: Biomass, Production, and Community Structure 11. Benthic Stream Algae: Distribution and Structure 12. Biomass and Pigments of Benthic Algae 13. Macrophytes and Bryophytes 14. Meiofauna 15. Macroinvertebrates 16. Fish Assemblages 17. Amphibians and Reptiles Section C. Community Interactions 18. Invertebrate Consumer-Resource Interactions 19. Macroconsumer-Resource Interactions 20. Trophic Relationships of Macroinvertebrates 21. Macroinvertebrate Drift, Adult Insect Emergence and Oviposition 22. Trophic Relations of Stream Fishes
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