Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval

Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval

Understanding metadata and its use

Haynes, David

Facet Publishing






This new and updated second edition of a classic text provides a thought-provoking introduction to metadata for all library and information students and professionals.
List of figures and tables Preface Acknowledgements PART I: METADATA CONCEPTS 1. Introduction 2. Defining, describing and expressing metadata 3. Data modelling 4. Metadata Standards PART II: PURPOSES OF METADATA 5. Resource identitification and description (Purpose 1) 6. Retrieving information (Purpose 2) 7. Managing information resources (Purpose 3) 8. Managing intellectual property rights (Purpose 4) 9. Supporting e-commerce and e-government (Purpose 5) 10. Information governance (Purpose 6) PART III: MANAGING METADATA 11. Managing metadata 12. Taxonomies and encoding schemes 13. Very large data collections 14. Politics and ethics of metadata Index
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