Mapping the Archaeological Continuum

Mapping the Archaeological Continuum

Filling 'Empty' Mediterranean Landscapes

Campana, Stefano R.L.

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book addresses the true 'landscape' perspective approach that archaeologists in Italy, and in many parts of the Mediterranean, use to study the archaeology of landscapes, marking a departure from the traditional site-based approach.
Preface Introduction 1. Landscape Archaeology in the Mediterranean World1.1 State of the Art1.1.1 Urban Landscapes1.1.2 Rural Landscapes1.2 Current Issues1.2.1 Emptyscapes or Empty Scapes: Archaeological Visibility and Invisibility1.2.2 Emptyscapes or Empty Chronological Phases: Issues of Unbalanced 'Longue Duree'1.2.3 Landscape Archaeology and Field Walking Survey1.2.4 Scales of Details 2. 'Archaeological Continuum'2.1 Sites vs. Landscapes: Back to Archaeological Stratigraphy2.2 Developing a New Scale of Detail: The Local Scale2.3 Conceptualizing Continuity Within Archaeological Landscapes 3. Applying and Integrating New Research Strategies and Methodologies3.1 Developing a New Practice in Filed Walking Survey3.2 Aerial Survey3.3 Large Scale Geophysical Survey3.4 Close-Range Aerial Photography: Drone Systems 4. Mapping, Integrating and Interpreting Archaeological Landscapes4.1 GIS-Based Data Mapping4.2 GIS-Based Data Integration4.3 GIS-Based Data Interpretation 5. Populating Landscapes5.1 Archaeological Interpretation of a Rural Area: Russelae Hinterland5.2 Archaeological Interpretation of an Urban Area: Veii 6. Conclusion6.1 Emerging New Paradigms in Landscape Archaeology6.2 Challenging and Changing Current Archaeological Questions6.3 Challenging Traditional Approaches to New Development Works: Towards Planning Led Archaeology
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