Managing in a VUCA World

Managing in a VUCA World

Kramer, Andreas; Burgartz, Thomas; Khare, Anshuman; Mack, Oliver

Springer International Publishing AG






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The chapters in this section create new approaches to handle VUCA environments pertaining to these areas including using the Tetralemma logics, tools from systemic structural constellation (SySt) approach of psychotherapy and organizational development, to provide new ideas for the management of large strategic programs in organizations.
The Phenomenon of VUCA and Complexity.- Perspectives on a VUCA World.- Simple More Complex: A System Approach to VUCA.- Leadership, Strategy and Planning.- Program Management in VUCA Environments: Theoretical and Pragmatical Thoughts on a Systemic Management of Projects and Programs.- Keeping the Flow: Creating Opportunities Based on Well Structured Collaboration.- Risk Management in a UVA World: Practical Guidelines Based on the Example of a Multinational Retail Group.- Marketing & Communication.- Measures to Understand and Control Customer Relationship and Loyalty.- Pricing in a VUCA World: How to Optimize Prices, if the Economic, Social and Legal Framework Changes Rapidly.- Corporate Communication in a VUCA Environment.- Operations and Cost Management.- Addressing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) Through Insourcing and Backshoring.- A Framework for Operational Agility: How SMES Are Evaluating Their Supply Chain Integration.- Mittelstand and Decision-Oriented Controlling.- Sustaining Reductions in Aircraft Emissions for Canada's Major Airlines.- Organization and Culture.- Organizational Approaches to Answer a VUCA World.- Environment al Justice in a VUCA World.- IT, Technology and Data Management.- The Uncertainty of Information Systems: Cause or Effect of VUCA?.- Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in Higher Education.
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