Managing VUCA Through Integrative Self-Management

Managing VUCA Through Integrative Self-Management

How to Cope with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in Organizational Behavior

Nandram, Sharda S.; Bindlish, Puneet K.

Springer International Publishing AG






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In this book, experts discuss whether volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) represent a challenge or a business opportunity. provides direction to support an integrative mind-set, integrative organization and integrative leadership;
Swadharma - Self-Righteousness: Towards Intrinsic Guidance by Our Inner Life: Introduction to VUCA.- Spiritual Discernment as a Method of Judgment.- Perspectives of Saint John Chrysostom for the VUCA world.- Making Sense of Organizational Change in Times of Dynamics Complexity: Change Managerialism and Reflexivity.- Living and Leading in a VUCA world: Response-ability and People of Faith.- Maintaining 'Respect for Spirituality' in a Secular Work Environment: A Biographical Account of the Career-Life Journey of a Black Female Practitioner of Declared Faith.- Swavalamban - Self-Reliance: From Sustainability to Self-Reliance: Leadership in the Midst of Transition: Reflections on Self-Reliance, Responsibility and Spirituality.- Spirituality, Family, Socialization and People (Soft) Skills Development for a VUCA World.- Thinking Inside the Box: Applying the Theory of Karma to Make Boundary Judgements in Systemic Interventions.- Rediscovering Transcendence Behind VUCA and Technology.- Swaraaj - Self-Freedom: Towards Meaningful Fulfillment of Life Purposes: Karmic Leadership for a Mindful Existence.- Spirituality in Indian Organizations.- Organisation Development in the Point of Intersection of Competencies and Performance Potentials.- The Use of Mindfulness in a Traumatic VUCA World.- Integrative-ness: Spirituality in Management Education for Building Integrated Self: Insights from Sanskrit Scriptures.- The Embodied Inter-Be(com)ing of Spirituality: The In-Between as Spiritual Sphere in Practically Wise Organizations.- Simplicity in Dutch Initiatives on Food, Care and Money.- Integrating Simplification Theory for Navigating the VUCA: The Case of Buurtzorg Nederland.- Three Pillars of Enlightened Individual Life and Their Realization Through the Practice of Transcendental Meditation.- Listening to Your Intuition: An Integrative Approach to Navigating VUCA.- Integrative-ness Through Pursuing Integrative Intelligence as the Way Forward.
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