London in Contemporary British Fiction

London in Contemporary British Fiction

The City Beyond the City

Hubble, Nick (Brunel University, London, UK); Tew, Philip (Brunel University, UK)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Contents Acknowledgments Contributors Introduction: Parallax London Nick Hubble and Philip Tew 1. Exploring London in Ian McEwan's Saturday (2005): Trauma and the Traumatological, Identity Politics, and Vicarious Victimhood. Philip Tew 2. Seeing the empty space': Ali Smith's The Accidental Susan Alice Fischer 3. Delineating the Liminal in Illimitable London: Will Self's The Book of Dave and the Cockney Visionary Sebastian Jenner 4. The Changingman: Masculinity, Violence and Revenge in Martin Amis's Yellow Dog Nick Bentley 5. Peter Ackroyd's London: The Sacredness of Space and Time Tomasz Niedokos 6. London's Museum Spaces in the Works of A.S. Byatt and Peter Ackroyd Doris Bremm 7. An Infinitely Accommodating Substance': Chaos Theory and States Between in Sinclair's London. Laura Colombino 8. Feeling London Globally: The Location of Affect in White Teeth Jung Su 9. Agency and Conflict in Andrea Levy's Polyphonic London Anja Muller-Wood 10. The Liminality of Underground London Nora Plesske 11.The Un-, Ab-, and Alter-Londons of China Mieville: Imaginary Spaces for Concrete Subjects. Mark P. Williams 12. Common People: Class, Gender and Social Change in the London Fiction of Virginia Woolf, John Sommerfield and Zadie Smith Nick Hubble Index
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