Locally Led Peacebuilding

Locally Led Peacebuilding

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Acknowledgments Introduction: Locally Led Peacebuilding Matters by Stacey L. Connaughton & Jessica Berns Section 1: What is Local? Chapter 1: Peace Drivers: Local Agency, Relational Responsibility, and the Future of Peacebuilding by Bridget Moix Chapter 2: Crossing Lines to Build Peace: Deescalating Gang Conflict in Cite Soleil, Haiti by Louino Robillard and Sabina Carlson Robillard Section 2: Locally Led Peacebuilding around the World Chapter 3: Now we sleep without our shoes...The Story of the Laikipia Peace Caravan by Gail M. Ervin Chapter 4: Local Peacebuilding in East Africa: The Role of Customary Norms and Institutions in Addressing Pastoralist Conflict in Kenya and Uganda by Emily Welty, Matthew Bolton and William Kiptoo Chapter 5: Magnanimity in Victory: Somaliland's peace building and DDR through indigenous traditional system by Abdishakur Hassan-kayd Chapter 6: Liberia at a Crossroads: How Local Peace Committees are Working to Consolidate and Promote Peace in Liberia by Nat B. Walker Chapter 7: Nigeria: Peace Drives Security by Michael Sodipo Chapter 8: Peacebuilding in Guatemala: The Local Peace Network Methodology by Jose David Pineda Ruano Chapter 9: University to University Partnership: Building a Network of Effective Peacebuilders in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Thomas Hill, Alexander Munoz, and Katerina Siira Chapter 10: Teaching and Learning Participatory Action Research as Approach for Locally Led Peacebuilding in Kampala, Uganda by Felix Bivens, Illana Lancaster, Nanfuka Zulaika & Ndugwa Hassan Chapter 11: The Women Peace and Security Collective: An organic process of empowerment by Kristian Herbolzheimer & Rosa Emilia Salamanca Chapter 12: Encountering Faiths and Beliefs: Locally led peacebuilding in the UK by Phil Champain Chapter 13: The Cure Violence Model for Violence Prevention by Charles L. Ransford, Karen Volker & Gary Slutkin Section 3: Locally Led Peacebuilding: Understanding What Works Chapter 14: Youth and Elections in Peacebuilding: Experience from Ghana and Liberia by Robert Groelsema, Maureen Herman, Michelle Marland, and Muminu Mutaru Chapter 15: Participatory approaches to monitoring and evaluating locally led peacebuilding in Ghana by Jasmine R. Linabary Chapter 16: Community peacebuilding on a national scale: the work of the CPBR in Sri Lanka by Nilanjana Premaratria & Ruairi Nolan Chapter 17: Community Healing, from the inside-out - Systems lessons from Fambul Tok in Sierra Leone by Libby Hoffman Chapter 18: Madaris and Peace Education in Pakistan: A Case Study of Peace and Education Foundation by Zahid Shahab Ahmed & Rashad Bukhari Section 4: Reflections and Paths Forward Chapter 19: Locally-driven 'Track 11/2 and Track 2' Diplomacy by Peter Dixon Conclusion: Reflections and Paths Forward for Locally Led Peacebuilding around the World by Stacey Connaughton & Jessica Berns About the Authors
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