Linguistic and Cultural Innovation in Schools

Linguistic and Cultural Innovation in Schools

The Languages Challenge

Crisfield, Eowyn; Spiro, Jane

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book presents case studies of five schools engaged in radical change in order to engage with children's home languages and cultures in a more multilingual and inclusive way.
Chapter 1. Mapping the Terrain Chapter 2. Connecting Students to a Sense of Place: Reviving Hawaii Chapter 3. To Square the Particular with the Global: The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Chapter 4. Dynamic Multilingualism in International Schools: German European School, Singapore Chapter 5. From One to Many: Bilingual Education in a Monolingual Context, Europa School Chapter 6. Moving from "English only" to Multilingual-Empowered: The British School of Amsterdam Chapter 7. The Path Less Travelled
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