Larisa Maksimova on Implication, Interpolation, and Definability

Larisa Maksimova on Implication, Interpolation, and Definability

Odintsov, Sergei

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Chapter 1. Sergei Odintsov, Maksimova, Relevance and the Study of Lattices of Non-classical Logics Chapter 2. Larisa Maksimova, A Short Scientific Autobiography Chapter 3. Katalin Bimbo and J. Michael Dunn, Larisa Maksimova's Early Contributions to Relevance Logic Chapter 4. Lev Beklemishev, A Note on Strictly Positive Logics and Word Rewriting Systems Chapter 5. Alex Citkin, Characteristic Formulas over Intermediate Logics Chapter 6. Alex Citkin, Criterion of Generelazed Disjunction Property Chapter 7. Janusz Czelakowski, Rasiowa-Sikorski Sets and Forsing Chapter 8. Giovanna D'Agostino, -Levels of Interpolation Chapter 9. Anastasia Karpenko, Decidability of Interpolation Properties for Weakly Transitive Modal Logics Chapter 10. Alexei Muravitski, Lattice NExtS4 from the Embedding Theorem Viewpoint Chapter 11. Vladimir Rybakov, Linear Temporal Logic with Non-Transitive Time, Algorithms for Decidability and Verification of Admissibility Chapter 12. Dmitry Tishkovsky, On Algebraisation of Superintuitionistic Predicate Logics Chapter 13. Valentin Shehtman, Segerberg Squares of Modal Logics and Theories of Relation Algebras Chapter 14. Aleksandr Yashin, Dummett Logic, Irreflexive Modality, and Novikov Completeness Chapter 15. Veta Yun, On Linear Logic of Knowledge and Time Appendix: A Complete List of Larisa Maximova's Publications
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