Language Regard

Language Regard

Methods, Variation and Change

Stanford, James

Cambridge University Press






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The first book of its kind to provide historical and state-of-the-art perspectives on language regard.
1. Language regard: what, why, how, whither? Dennis R. Preston; Part I. Language Regard: Varied Methods: 2. A variationist approach to studies of language regard Patricia Cukor-Avila; 3. The emic and the etic in perceptual dialectology Jennifer Cramer; 4. Variation in language regard: sociolinguistic receptivity and acceptability of linguistic features Erica J. Benson and Megan L. Risdal; 5. Social meanings of the north-south divide in the Netherlands and their linkage to standard Dutch and dialect varieties Leonie Cornips; 6. Language subordination on a national scale: examining the linguistic discrimination of Hungarians by Hungarians Miklos Kontra; 7. Regional identity and listener perception Valerie Fridland and Tyler Kendall; Part II. Language Regard and Language Variation: 8. Language regard and migration: Cuban immigrants in the United States Gabriela Alfaraz; 9. Perceptions of Black American Sign Language Robert Bayley, Joseph C. Hill, Carolyn McCaskil, and Ceil Lucas; 10. Ethnolinguistic assertions regarding people who allegedly 'talk White', or 'talk Black' John Baugh; 11. Language regard in liminal Hmong American speech communities James Stanford, Rika Ito and Faith Nibbs; 12. Language regard and sociolinguistic competence of non-native speakers Alexei Prikhodkine; Part III. Language Regard and Language Change: 13. Cracking the code: wedgies and lexical respectability Jack Chambers; 14. Language regard and cultural practice: variation, evaluation, and change in the German regional languages Christoph Purschke; 15. Tabula rasa new-dialect formation: on the occasional irrelevance of language regard Peter Trudgill; 16. Sharedness and variability in language regard among young Danes: focus on gender Tore Kristiansen.
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