Key Topics in Sociolinguistics

Key Topics in Sociolinguistics

Pauwels, Anne (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)

Cambridge University Press






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This comprehensive discussion examines the development of this important sub-field of multilingualism from the 1970s to the present. Anne Pauwels documents the many efforts families and communities engage in to maintain their heritage or minority language, offering a critical review of the key disciplinary approaches and theoretical frameworks.
Introduction; Part I. History, Concepts, Contexts and Approaches: 1. Pioneers in the study of language maintenance and language shift; 2. Concepts, contexts and approaches to the study of language maintenance and shift; Part II. Investigating Language Maintenance and Shift: Collecting and Analysing Data: 3. Linguistic demography: census surveys; 4. Reporting language use and exploring language attitudes: questionnaires; 5. Beyond surveys: interviews, participant observation and experiments; Part III. Identifying and Understanding Trends and Patterns in the Dynamics of Language Maintenance and Shift: 6. Trends and patterns in language maintenance and shift; 7. Understanding the dynamics of language maintenance and shift; Part IV. Language Maintenance Efforts and Reversing Language Shift: 8. Efforts, agencies and institutions for language maintenance; 9. Reversing language shift; Part V. Future Developments in the Study of Language Maintenance and Shift: 10. Opportunities and challenges for the future study of language maintenance and shift.
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