Landscapes of Activism

Landscapes of Activism

Civil Society, HIV and AIDS Care in Northern Mozambique

Reed, Joel Christian

Rutgers University Press






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AIDS activists are often romanticized as extremely noble and selfless. However, the relationships among HIV support group members highlighted in Landscapes of Activism are hardly utopian or ideal. The product of in-depth ethnography and focused anthropological inquiry, this is the first book on AIDS activists in Mozambique.
List of Tables and Figures List of Abbreviations Introduction - The Eye of Fatima 1 - Studying HIV and HIV Positive Persons 2 - "Movements" of the Past - Mozambique, Caridade, and Treatment in Africa 3 - AIDS Associations in Cabo Delgado Province 4 - Challenges to HIV/AIDS Activism in the "Sub-universe" of Cabo Delgado 5 - The (Dis)Integration of the Day Hospitals 6 - Biosocial Governmentality References About the Author Index