Land Law

Land Law

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Part A: Introduction 1: What's special about land? 2: What is land? 3: Registration Part B: The Content Question 4: Human rights and land 5: Legal estates and legal interests 6: Equitable interests 7: Personal rights Part C: The Acquisition Question 8: Formal methods of acquisition: contracts and deeds 9: Informal methods of acquisition: adverse possession 10: Proprietary estoppel 11: Trusts Part D: The Shared Home 12: Interests in the home: the acquisition question 13: Regulating co-ownership: the content question 14: Co-ownership and third parties: applications for sale Part E: The Defences Question and Land Registration 15: The priority triangle 16: Registered land and priorities 17: Overreaching 18: The registered title, rectification and indemnity Part F: Leases 19: Leases 20: Regulating leases and protecting occupiers 21: Leasehold covenants Part G: Neighbours and Neighbourhoods 22: Easements 23: Freehold covenants 24: Flat ownership: long leases and commonhold Part H: Security Interests 25: Security interests in land 26: Lender's rights and remedies 27: Protection of borrower
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