Jews and the Ends of Theory

Jews and the Ends of Theory

Geller, Jay; Land, Martin; Hammerschlag, Sarah; Wolfson, Elliot R.; Dolgopolski, Sergey; Jay, Martin; Boym, Svetlana; Boyarin, Jonathan; Ginsburg, Shai; Land, Martin

Fordham University Press






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This volume assesses the role of Jews, as both agents and figures, in the development of critical and literary theory in the twentieth century and beyond. Its topics range from Biblical criticism to the relationship between Derrida and Levinas, from Mizrachi Jews in Israel to the Zionisms of Buber and Scholem.
Introduction: Jews, Theory, and Ends Shai Ginsburg, Martin Land, and Jonathan Boyarin, 1 1. Leo Lowenthal and the Jewish Renaissance Martin Jay, 27 2. The Palestinian Nakba and the Arab-Jewish Melancholy: An Essay on Sovereignty and Translation Yehouda Shenhav, 48 3. The Ends of Ladino Andrew Bush, 65 4. The Last Jewish Intellectual: Derrida and His Literary Betrayal of Levinas Sarah Hammerschlag, 88 5. Jews, in Theory Sergey Dolgopolski, 108 6. The Jewish Animot: Of Jews as Animals Jay Geller, 142 7. The Off-Modern Turn: Modernist Humanism and Vernacular Cosmopolitanism in Shklovsky and Mandelshtam Svetlana Boym, 164 8. Old Testament Realism in the Writings of Erich Auerbach James I. Porter, 187 9. Buber versus Scholem and the Figure of the Hasidic Jew: A Literary Debate between Two Political Theologies Hannan Hever, 225 10. Against the "Attack on Linking": Rearticulating the "Jewish Intellectual" for Today Martin Land, 263 11. Recovering Futurity: Theorizing the End and the End of Theory Elliot R. Wolfson, 293 List of Contributors 313 Index 317
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