Java EE 8 High Performance

Java EE 8 High Performance

Master techniques such as memory optimization, caching, concurrency, and multithreading to achieve maximum performance from your enterprise applications.

Manni-Bucau, Romain

Packt Publishing Limited






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The ease with which we write an application has been increasing, but with increasingly complex application come the need to address their performance. A balancing act between implementing complex applications easily and keeping its performance optimum is need of the hour. In this book we explore how to achieve this crucial balance while ...
Table of Contents Money - The Quote Manager Application Looking Under the Cover - What is This EE Thing? Monitor Your Application Application Optimization - Memory Management and Server Configuration Scale Up - Threading and Implications Be Lazy; Cache Your Data Be Fault-Tolerant Loggers and Performances - A Trade-Off Benchmarking Your Application Continuous Performance Evaluation
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