Jacob & Esau

Jacob & Esau

Jewish European History Between Nation and Empire

Hacohen, Malachi Haim (Duke University, North Carolina)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

European histories have traditionally marginalised the Jews, while Jewish history has told an exclusively Jewish story. Malachi Haim Hacohen sets out to redress this through an ambitious and panoramic alternative Jewish European history that re-integrates the cosmopolitan narrative of the Jewish diaspora with traditional Jews and Jewish culture.
List of figures; Acknowledgments; A note on transliteration from Hebrew to English; Introduction: Jewish European history; 1. Writing Jewish European history; 2. Rabbinic Jacob and Esau, Pagan Rome, and the Christian Empire; 3. Esau, Ishmael, and Christian Europe: Medieval Edom; 4. Waning Edom? Early Modern Christian-Jewish Hybridities; 5. Jacob and Esau and Jewish emancipation, I: 1789-1839; 6. Jacob and Esau and Jewish emancipation, II: 1840-1878; 7. The Austrian Jewish Intelligentsia between empire and nation, 1879-1918; 8. Imperial peoples in an ethnonational age? Jews and other Austrians in the First Republic, 1918-1938; 9. Jacob the Jew: Antisemitism and the end of emancipation, 1879-1935; 10. Esau the Goy: Jewish and German ethnic myths, 1891-1945; 11. Typology and the Holocaust: Erich Auerbach and Judeo-Christian Europe; 12. Postwar Europe: Austria, the Congress for cultural freedom, and the internationalization of European culture; 13. A post-Holocaust breakthrough? Jacob and Esau today; Epilogue: the end of postwar exceptionalism.
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