Introduction to Programming with Fortran

Introduction to Programming with Fortran

Chivers, Ian; Sleightholme, Jane

Springer International Publishing AG






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Overview.- Introduction to Problem Solving.- Introduction to Programming Languages.- Introduction to Programming.- Arithmetic.- Arrays 1: Some Fundamentals.- Arrays 2: Further Examples.- Whole Array and Additional Array Features.- Output of Results.- Reading in Data.- Summary of I/O Concepts.- Functions.- Control Structures and Execution Control.- Characters.- Complex.- Logical.- Introduction to Derived Types.- An Introduction to Pointers.- Introduction to Subroutines.- Subroutines: 2.- Modules.- Data structuring in Fortran.- An Introduction to Algorithms and the Big O Notation.- Operator Overloading.- Generic Programming.- Mathematical and Numerical Examples.- Parameterised Derived Types (PDTs) in Fortran.- Introduction to Object Oriented Programming.- Additional Object Oriented Examples.- Introduction to Submodules.- Introduction to Parallel Programming.- MPI - Message Passing Interface.- OpenMP.- Coarray Fortran.- C Interop.- IEEE Arithmetic.- Derived Type IO.- Sorting and Searching.- Handling Missing Data in Calculations.- Converting from Fortran 77.- Graphics Libraries - Simple Dislin Usage.- Abstract Interfaces and Procedure Pointers.- Appendices: A Glossary.- B Attribute Declarations and Specifications.- C Compatibility.-D Intrinsic Functions and Procedures.-E Text Extracts, English, Latin and Coded.- F Formal Syntax G Compiler Options Index.
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