Introduction to Health Care

Introduction to Health Care

Haroun, Lee; Mitchell, Dakota

Cengage Learning, Inc






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Part I: HEALTH CARE TODAY. 1. Your Career in Health Care. 2. Current Health Care Systems and Trends. 3. Ethical and Legal Responsibilities. Part II: THE LANGUAGE OF HEALTHCARE. 4. Medical Terminology. 5. Medical Math. Part III: THE HUMAN BODY. 6. Organization of the Human Body. 7. Structure and Function of the Human Body. 8. Growth and Development. Part IV: PERSONAL AND WORKPLACE SAFETY. 9. Body Mechanics. 10. Infection Control. 11. Environmental Safety. Part V: BEHAVIORS FOR SUCCESS. 12. Lifestyle Management. 13. Professionalism. 14. Lifelong Learning. Part VI: COMMUNICATION IN THE HEALTH CARE SETTING. 15. The Patient as an Individual. 16. The Communication Process. 17. Written Communication. 18. Computers and Technology in Health Care. 19. Documentation and Medical Records. Part VII: HEALTH CARE SKILLS. 20. Physical Assessment. 21. Emergency Procedures. Part VIII: BUSINESS OF CARING. 22. Controlling Health Care Costs. 23. Performance Improvement and Customer Service. Part IX: SECURING AND MAINTAINING EMPLOYMENT. 24. Job Leads and the Resume. 25. Interview, Portfolio, and Application. 26. Successful Employment Strategies. Appendix 1: Health Care Professional Organizations. Appendix 2: Useful Spanish Expressions for Health Care Professionals. Glossary. References. Index.
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