International Relations, Music and Diplomacy

International Relations, Music and Diplomacy

Sounds and Voices on the International Stage

Ramel, Frederic; Prevost-Thomas, Cecile

Springer International Publishing AG






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This volume explores the interrelation of international relations, music, and diplomacy from a multidisciplinary perspective.
1. Introduction. Understanding Musical Diplomacies: Movements on the "Scenes"by Cecile Prevost-Thomas and Frederic Ramel Part I: Shaping the Musical Scene: Sounds and Voices as Objectives of Diplomacy 2. Europe in Rome / Rome in Europe: Diplomacy as a Network of Cultural Exchangesby Michela Berti 3. Eighteenth-Century Diplomats as Musical Agentsby Mark Ferraguto 4. Targeting New Music in Postwar Europe: American Cultural Diplomacy in the Crafting of Art Music Avant-Garde Scenesby Anne-Sylvie Barthel-Calvet Part II: Shaping the Diplomatic Scene: Sounds and Voices as Frameworks of Diplomacy 5. The Diplomatic Violby Rebekah Ahrendt 6. The Diplomat's Music Test: Branding New and Old Diplomacy at the Beginnings of the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuriesby Damien Mahiet 7. Schaeffer, Boulez and the Everyday Diplomacies of French Decolonizationby Noe Cornago Part III: Bringing Music to the Fore of the Diplomatic Scene: Sounds and Voices as Objects of Diplomacy 8. Negotiating the Pitch: For a Diplomatic A, at the Crossroads of Politics, Music, Science and Industryby Fanny Gribenski 9. Music, Diplomacy and International Solidarity: The Campaign for Miguel Angel Estrella (1977-1980)by Esteban Buch and Anais Flechet 10. The Eurovision Song Contest in the Musical Diplomacy of Authoritarian Statesby Dean Vuletic 11. Music That Divides: The Case of Russian Musical Diplomacy in the Baltic Statesby Emilijia Pundziute Gallois 12. Of Dreams and Desire: Diplomacy and Musical Nation Branding Since the Early Modern Period by Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht
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