International Communication

International Communication

Continuity and Change

Thussu, Daya Kishan (Professor of International Communication, University of Westminster, UK)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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This bestselling text is a unique introduction to the complex political, economic and technological context in which multinational media and culture operates. With new case studies and pedagogical features, the book is compulsory reading for all media and communication studies students.
Introduction 1: Historical Context of International Communication Case studies: a. The rise of Reuters b. Covert communication - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty c. Development Communication - Satellite Instructional Television Experiment d. Edutainment 2: Approaches to Theorising International Communication 3: Creating a Global Communications Infrastructure Case studies: a. Intelsat b. The Murdochization' of media c. GATS and the global audio-visual industry d. ICANN and international communication 4: The Global Media Marketplace Case studies: a. Televising sport globally - ESPN b. CNN - the world's news leader' c. Global Advertising d. Representations of Africa in global imagery 5: Communications and Cultural Globalization Case studies: a. Catching them young - children's television b. Glocalization of MTV c. Bollywood-Hollywood synergies d. The globalization of reality television' 6: Contra-flow in Global Media Case studies: a. Al-Jazeera and the Arab public sphere b. China's external communication c. TV Globo - the Latin soap factories d. Nollywood 7: International Communication in the Age of Mobile Internet Case studies: a. The Facebook revolution' b. The Googalization of global communication c. Mobile networked media - the Nadia story d. The YouTube effect' e. WikiLeaks Appendix 1 Chronology of International Communication Appendix 2 Glossary Appendix 3 Website addresses
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