International Communication

International Communication

Continuity and Change

Thussu, Daya Kishan (Professor of International Communication, University of Westminster, UK)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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This bestselling text is a unique introduction to the complex political, economic and technological context in which multinational media and culture operates. With new case studies and pedagogical features, the book is compulsory reading for all media and communication studies students.
Introduction to the Third Edition Chapter 1: The Historical Context of International Communication Communication and Empire The Growth of the Telegraph The Era of News Agencies Case Study: The Rise of Reuters The Advent of Popular Media Radio and International Communication The Cold War - From Communist Propaganda to Capitalist Persuasion Case Study: Covert Communication - RFE and RL International Communication and Development Case Study: Satellite Instructional Television Experiment The Demand for a New World Information and Communication Order Chapter 2: Approaches to Theorizing International Communication Free Flow of Information' Modernization Theory Dependency Theory Structural Imperialism Hegemony Critical Theory The Public Sphere Cultural Studies Perspectives on International Communication Theories of the information society Discourses of Globalization A Critical International Communication Theory? International Communication in International Politics Internationalizing International Communication Theory Chapter 3: Creating a Global Communication Infrastructure The Privatization of Telecommunications Free Trade in Communication Products and Services Liberalization of the Telecom Sector Privatizing Space - the Final Frontier Case Study: Intelsat The Global Satellite Industry Regional Satellite Services The Globalization of Telecoms Infrastructure for Internet Who Controls the Internet Infrastructure? Regulating an unregulated global Communication market The T-treaty Trinity' and Further Digital Deregulation? Implications of a Liberalized Global Communication Regime Chapter 4: The Global Media Market Convergence Global Media Conglomerates Case Study: Murdoch: A Global Media Mogul Televising Sport Globally Global News and Information Networks Case Study: CNN - The World's News Leader' Setting the Global News Agenda Chapter 5: The Global and the Local in Media Cultures The Globalization of American Consumer Culture Global Trade in Media Products Public service to Private Profit - European Broadcasting Case Study: Children's Television - Catching Them Young Hollywood Hegemony Concerns for cultural Diversity Global English Regionalizing and Localizing Media Cultures Global Music Case Study: MTV Adaptation, Hybridity or Hegemony? Cultural Relativism and Revivalism Culture as Soft Power' Chapter 6: Contraflow in Global Media The Globalization of China's Media Contraflow in Global Entertainment The Other Hollywood - The Indian Film Industry Case Study: Zee TV - The Globalization of Indian Entertainment Globalization of Geo-linguistic Television The Transnationalization of Telenovelas Case Study: The Dramatic Rise of Turkish TV Dramas Case Study: Hallyu - the Korean Wave Case Study: Nigerian cinema Goes Global - Nollywood Contraflow in Global TV News Case Study: Al Jazeera - The Island' that Became a Global News Phenomenon The RT Effect' Contra or Complementary Flows? Cultures of Diaspora and Migratory' Media Chapter 7: International Communication in the Digital Age Digital Capitalism and a Free Flow of Commerce' Case Study: The Googlization' of Global Communication The Facebook Effect Communicating Cyber-Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics' Internet and Political Communication Case Study: The Globalization of Fake News' How the Web Has Affected Journalism International Communication as Infotainment and Edutainment Case Study: Infotainment 2.0 Global Edutainment Governance and Regulation in the Digital Age Global Communication: covert Spying and Overt Surveillance Communication for Development The Chindia' Effect Internationalizing International Communication Studies International Communication: Continuity and Change Glossary Appendix I: A Chronology of International Communication Appendix II: Useful Websites Appendix III: Discussion Questions References Index
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