Institutionalization of the Parliament in Bangladesh

Institutionalization of the Parliament in Bangladesh

A Study of Donor Intervention for Reorganization and Development

Obaidullah, A. T. M.

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Introduction.- Chapter 1 Political Landscape and Parliamentary Development : A Glimpse.- Chapter 2 Parliament in Parliamentary Democracy: Theoretical-Institutional Framework (Understanding Westminster Parliament System).- Chapter 3 Reorganization of Parliament Secretariat Barriers to the Capacity Development.- Chapter 4 Making Parliamentary Standing Committees Effective: Minimizing Organizational Constrains.- Chapter 5 Parliamentary Oversight: A conceptual Framework.- Chapter 6 Comparative Budget Process in Westminster Parliaments: A Lesson for Effective Fiscal Oversight.- Chapter 7 Human Resource Management and Development in Parliament Secretariat: An Overlooked Agenda.- Chapter 8 Gender Mainstreaming in Parliament.- Chapter 9 Paradox of Reforms: Present State of Parliament and Democracy.- Chapter 10 Concluding Observations and Recommendations.- Annexure 1 All Constitutional Amendments.- Annexure 2 Parliament's Organogram.
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