Information, Mapping and Power

Information, Mapping and Power

New methods for exploring the development and teaching of information literacy education and mapping

Whitworth, Andrew

Facet Publishing






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This is the first book to study how the political content of information literacy arises from the way it has become defined and is taught. It introduces new methods for research into the development of IL in learners and explores the implications of this research for the design of IL teaching, both in formal educational settings and in workplaces.
1. Introduction: power, difference and information literacy 2. Previous work on information practice 3. IL education, phenomenography 4. The nature of power and difference 5. Difference and discursive mapping 6. Mapping in workplace learning: the Bibliotek i Endring (Changing Libraries) project 7. Mapping in university IL education. 8. Discursive mapping via online discussion activities 9. Conclusion...Towards a xenophiliac IL education
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