Industrialization in Developing and Peripheral Regions

Industrialization in Developing and Peripheral Regions

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Preface 1. Peripheral Industrialization and the Technology Transfer Process Roger A. Roberge 2. Economic Restructuring and Australia's Changing Role in the World Economic System Peter Wilde 3. Industry in Haute Marne: A Rural Backwater in an Advanced Economy Jean-Paul Gabriele 4. Industrial Systems and Change in the Economies of Border Regions: Cross-cultural Comparisons Werner Mikus 5. Recent East European Regional Development Experience Hunya Gabor 6. Transformation of the Industrial System in Spain Antonio Vazquez-Barquero 7. Change in a Textile Industrial Area of Northern Italy Anna Serge 8. The Dynamic of the Industrial System in a Backward Region: Crisis and Industrial Innovation in the Italian Mezzogiorno Sergio Conti 9. Industrialization North of Naples: Problems of Sectorial and Spatial Connectivity Pasquale Coppola 10. Foreign Manufacturing Investment in Greece: Competition and Market Structure Evangelina Dokopoulou 11. Multinationals and Manufactured Exports from the Enlarged EEC Periphery: The Case of Greece Evangelina Dokopoulou 12. Industrial Location - Product of Multiple 'Factors': The Tobacco Industry in Greece Lois Labrianidis 13. Industry and the Human and Ecological Tragedy of Cubatao, Sao Paolo, Brazil Lea Goldenstein and Stella Goldenstein Carvalhaes 14. Industrial Dynamics of the Newly Industrializing Countries in East and South East Asia: A Real Path Towards a New International Economic Order Mahindar Santokh Singh 15. Regional Changes in the Industrial System of a Newly Industrializing Country: The Case of Korea Sam Ock Park 16. Developing Regional Industrial Systems in the People's Republic of China
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